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About issuing "Rules" Linuo school Notice of trial

Various departments of the company:

Linuo school rules (Trial)

   Article 1 in order to implement the on further promoting enterprise culture to build brand Linuo opinions "spirit, by creating Linuo school, a general increase in the overall quality of the staff, establish common values, lit their heart lights, stimulate employee creativity and innovation, let employees feel the warmth of family businesses like. Special rules.
Article 2 Connaught school through organizational learning knowledge, master skills, improve the quality, employees can get all-round development physically and mentally, so that they become a family responsible for, for corporate due diligence, people of law-abiding society; a contribution to society and get a happy life.
Article 3 Connaught school purpose is: Cradle of knowledge learning, to master the skills of the platform, to enhance the quality of homes, reflect the value of heaven and earth.
Third school Linuo philosophy is: helping people to grow together, mutual learning, character, achievement of excellence.
Article 4 Linuo school mission is: popularity based learning, career education, promoting the cultural heritage of achievement of happiness in life.
Article 5 the Connaught school rely on in Zhejiang fluid control technology Co., Ltd., is a non-profit internal training institutions, temporarily attached to the general manager's office.
Article 6 Linuo school organization consists of three aspects. The school sets up president (or executive president, honorary president) leading the direction of the work. Equipped with a person in charge of the school affairs. To establish the specific implementation of the targeted project volunteer team in charge of the training program.
Seventh school of Linuo group of people project, financial and material resources, and manpower management, allocation of teachers. Organization notes writing, prepare a training plan, responsible for teacher organization, organization learning test, training effectiveness evaluation, fund management and Linuo forum of raising transaction.
Eighth for the internal training requirements, should give full play to the role of active elements of the grassroots. Through the establishment of project volunteer group with the active elements of the grass roots, promote the training of the long, in-depth development. The task of the project volunteer group is to assist the human resources department to carry out the activities of the school, and to organize the training program.
Ninth school funds included in the annual budget of Linuo company, at the same time donations. Funds are mainly used to teach the teacher lecture fees, material printing fees, transportation fees, venue rental fees.
The content of Article 10 Linuo school consists of three aspects, learning knowledge is a basic cultural knowledge, management knowledge, safe knowledge. Master skills are mainly mechanical operation, production process, valve structure and application, skills training. Enhance the quality of knowledge is the main knowledge of Chinese culture and the spread of Drucker thought.
Article 11 the Connaught school teachers to enterprise managers and technical backbone of the professional skills, and absorb the social knowledge franchisees, Linuo school instructors. Linuo school establish teacher talent pool, according to the training content training grant speakers.
Article 12 Linuo school to earnestly carry out the internal training, in addition to a single organization of lectures, efforts to promote individual, change to the system training, to effective combination of the interest in learning and training. Through internal training to improve the quality of employees at the same time to promote the efficient operation of the work.
Thirteenth to strengthen the management of students to participate in the training, the registration of each staff participate in the study. The individual nature of the lectures in principle to take the free and open, the number of employees to participate in learning not to make a hard requirement. If it is systematic training, in principle to take a round of the system, and to participate in the training of students to learn the full set of courses. At the same time, the establishment of employee training process record card.
Fourteenth for the training of the system to organize the learning achievement test. In the form of the test, there is a comprehensive sample and written examination, which is used to determine the test method. On the principle of cultural knowledge and skills of the knowledge of the use of a written examination.
Article 15 in order to promote the normal operation of the Connaught school, various functional departments must actively cooperate with the training, assist HR & Administration Department arrangements for employees to participate in learning time.
Article 16 the GM since the release of the rules, in the new staff two months in prescribed periods of learning as a standard salary of a hard and fast rules. And the staff to participate in training as a basis for the evaluation of skills.
Article 17 the technical department and production department shall, according to the general requirements to enhance staff skills, organization and staffing of professional technical and operational skills materials, daily admin organize relevant personnel for examination and approval. The standard model for the post examination and approval of the staff skills training.
Article 18 "Zhejiang Linuo newspaper editorial department to give full play to the internal media publicity, in the Zhejiang Linuo daily open & ldquo; Connaught Hall & rdquo; column, timely reports Linuo book Hall activities, regularly publishes employee learning experience.
Nineteenth of these rules by the executive office.
Twentieth this rule is to try out from the date of promulgation.

 Human resources administration
August 13, 2013

Key words: learning knowledge and skills upgrading Linuo school literacy
CC: each department of the company
Zhejiang Linuo fluid control office Polytron Technologies Inc issued in August 13, 2013

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