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Linuo 1.0 Age (2003-2007)
Grass-roots entrepreneurship invisible champion
Grass-roots entrepreneurship, rapid development, three relocations, sales exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the invisible champion of pulp and paper industry.

Linuo 2.0 Age (2008-2014)
Leaping Forward to Develop Leading Brands
Management reform, transformation and upgrading, introduction of modern management mechanism, implementation of refined production, information technology, talent echelon management; become a leading brand in the control valve industry; self-owned new plant completed and put into production; introduction of venture capital, completion of corporate governance structure adjustment, start the listing process, become the first share of Wenzhou's new third board.

inuo 3.0 Age (From 2015)
Systematic integration is new and unbounded
Build a high-performance organization, with & quot; improve the quality of enterprise operation & quot; as the overall goal, with & quot; goal management, self-control; results-oriented, team cooperation & quot; as the guiding ideology of work, lay a solid foundation for the realization of the leading brand of China's control valve industry.


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