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“ 70 ” later chairman, “ Zero ” later planned listed company; He is the founder of Lino Foundation Industry and the leader of the leading brand in the grassroots entrepreneurship and brave creation of control valve industry.
In thirteen years,
He devoted himself to industry with determination, keen strategic vision and pioneering and innovative management thinking,
. Pioneering Lino 3.0 era, won the leading brand of China's fluid control industry, won the second consecutive title of Wenzhou valve industry tax.
He introduces strategic investment, promotes employee stock ownership, pays less attention to equity structure,
To revitalize Wenzhou's real economy and build industry benchmarking enterprises, Wenzhou has become the first new third board enterprise.
He is Chen Xiaoyu!

Main Honours and Part-time Social Work:

Ryan CPPCC Member
President of Ruian Mechanical and Electronics Industry Association
President of Ruian Young Entrepreneurs Association
Standing Committee of Ruian Federation of Industry and Commerce
Zhejiang Province "Discovering the Star of Double Creation "
Economic Persons of Wenzhou in 2012

The Third Round of "Famous Teachers and Famous Families" in Wenzhou;
The Fourth Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Wenzhou
Wenzhou Second "New Science and Technology Warmer"
Excellent entrepreneurs in Wenzhou
"Top Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs" in Ruian
Ruian "Excellent Entrepreneurs of 2016"

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